Update on life..

I apologize, it has been a while since I’ve updated.

As you can tell, I wasn’t able to have my surgery done in August due to not being able to have the dental work done in time, so I am still waiting. I had a follow-up appointment at Duke in September and he said that everything remained the same and he would still like to continue with the plan for surgery to repair the leaking valve.

I was finally able to get my dental work scheduled for 12/7 as unexcited as I may be. Note: If you have horrible anxiety, do not YouTube the procedure they are planning on you having; it will only make things worse.

In October, I started a new job working from home with a company that contracts with a lot of other companies. I currently do Chat and Phone Support for Toys R Us. I was hired seasonal but I really like it and hope I am kept after the season as this is something I can physically do although it is mentally exhausting some days. I have been working a lot of over time so I haven’t really had a chance to plan a post like I would like to. The one downside from a desk job is my feet and ankles seem to swell way more than they did. I’ve tried everything I can think of to help reduce it.

Here we are at the end of November, it has flown by! Thanksgiving wasn’t the best and my brother passed away a few days before Thanksgiving so I didn’t feel like I had a whole lot to be thankful for. We spent Thanksgiving with my in-laws and everyone brought a dish to share. I’m thankful that I do have my in-laws to lean on for support.

It seems as the weather gets colder and North Carolina can’t decide if it is going to be warm or cold, my breathing has started to struggle a bit. With having a leaking Pulmonary Valve, my lungs do not get the oxygenated blood they need making them work harder. Some days I am a lot more tired than others.

In other news, my chickens (well one of them) finally started laying eggs!

That is all I can think of right now, I hope in December I can be more active with my blog. Let me know if you guys have any questions or things you would like me to write about.

Battle on,


P.S. Christmas cards are awesome, let me know if you want to exchange them!

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