Snow Day!

Here in North Carolina, we have had a substantial amount of snowfall that we haven’t seen in years! It is pretty exciting to look out the window and see the snow steadily falling for hours. I am not one who likes to be cold or be out in the cold but I love watching the snow fall as long as I am warm and cozy doing so.

The chickens seemed to be confused by the white stuff falling from the sky and why said white stuff did not provide bountiful worms to appear from the ground like the clear stuff that falls from the sky typically does.

During our snow day, I was already scheduled to be off which was awesome and then they closed my husband’s work due to inclimate weather (which never happens). We  got to spend some time together which doesn’t typically happen during the week plus yesterday was his birthday so it was a double awesome! We played UNO and I painted while working on some decals. Here is one of the pictures I painted.

Here are a few decals I was working on for Congenital Heart Defects Awareness, I just opened my Etsy shop back up! I can do any decal you like.

I’ve been working on a lot of crafty things lately, I just always forget to share them in my blog, be sure to follow me on Instagram to see all the crafty things I’ve been up to lately.  I hope everyone stays safe and warm during the remaining snow days!

Be sure to show me your snow pictures!

Stay creative and warrior on,



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