Animals Heal the Heart

If you have been around me or associated with me for any length of time, you know I am an animal love through and through. If I could, I would save all the animals out of the shelters and rescues and keep them forever (except for the reptiles and arachnids- they are not welcome).

There is something about puppy breath or a kittens purr that just makes everything alright in the world. I have 3 cats (plus one stray that has adopted us), 3 chickens, and two dogs. Yes, I have a tiny farm or so it seems. Every night when I am sitting on the sofa after a long day of emotionally exhausting customers at work, my kitten will curl up into my lap in the tiniest ball and purr the night away. She has the loudest purr. When we lay down at night to go to bed, everyone (minus one dog and the chickens) join us.

Animals just have a certain way of making everything okay even when it really isn’t okay. I have found that my animals not only put me in a better mood most of the time but they also help with my anxiety and depression.

According to a blog put out in 2015 by Penn State, studies have shown that 60% of the American population own at least one pet. The American Heart Association published research in the journal Circulation that analyzed whether or not people with pets live longer. The study found associations between pet ownership and low blood pressure, heart rate, and cholesterol levels.


From personal experience, if I am upset snuggling with one of my animals will greatly improve my mood rather quickly. The best part about animals is they don’t talk back and they never let you down!

Whiskas has also put out their own information about cats helping people live longer. Per their article, having an animal can help you with keeping a routine as well as lowering stress levels. Having a dog will force you into a routine so they can get the exercise they need plus it opens up a whole new social avenue! Imagine all the people you can meet just taking your pet to the park or the pet store for a new toy!

Next time you are sad, go grab your cat and snuggle up and listen to her purr. It will do you some good. As I’m writing this, our kitten Little Bit is snuggled up in my lap enjoying the warm of the laptop. It’s her favorite place to be!

February is National Heart Month so I will be writing more about how to raise awareness and educating you with more facts about Congenital Heart Defects.

Stay Creative and Warrior On,


Drop some pics of your babies in the comments!

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